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What is Cultions?

Cultions was born from the need to create an ecosystem which unites physical elements of the art world (the artist and the artwork) with the digital world (NFT).

What is a NAP?

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The NAP’s collection of an physical art piece represents the unique moments of creative process. A NAP® is:
A new kind of NFT.
A way to collect and connect with art.
Documents an artist’s unique creative process. In the background to the final product (the physical art piece), there is an entire artistic journey which is rarely seen; Cultions wants to change that.
A NAP is free-form; the artist shares their sources of inspiration, influences, and ideas. Anyone who buys a NAP (which are unique, transferable, and collectable), is investing in a new wave of art which fuses the digital and physical world. We call it phygital art. As well as owning a valuable NFT, you will gain access to your own private premiere of the artwork before the official exhibition opens and join a private community of people, including the artist. Buying a NAP is not only an investment, but a way to meaningfully engage with artists you love as well as supporting budding new creatives.  

LATEST collections · LATEST collections ·

LATEST collections · LATEST collections ·

Our community


The community has a public section, where you will find interesting content relating to the art and artists which most interest you.

Private zone

Find out about exclusive events within this new artistic community, as well as private exhibitions, pre-launches, investments, visits to artist studios, and more.


For the gallerist and artist, NAPs offer new potential for publicity. Fans, collectors, and potential buyers will be invited to the NAPs launch and collaborative events.  

NAPs: the new way to engage with art

In our community you will be the first to see new updates and keep track of your favorite projects.